In his free time Pete enjoys skiing in the Sierras of Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain, biking into century rides in Solvang, CA and the perimeter of Lake Tahoe; playing golf at golf courses throughout the Bay Area and hiking the unknown pristine parts of this gorgeous state in every capacity with my lovely wife Sue at any opportunity. "She definitely keeps me in touch and in tune. Believe me!! " - he exclaims!

On his bucket list are items such as;

  1. Getting back into playing one of the greatest sports on the planet.... Hockey.
  2. Returning to playing in a senior softball league.
  3. Performing improve and stand up comedy, and who knows.... maybe theatre and drama.
  4. Embarking into the field of music. Especially , rock n' roll and thinking of learning how to play the guitar and piano.
  5. And last but not least,  learning a foreign language fluently!

Over the years he has covered a wide variety of amateur and professional sports and has also covered network news and features in Chicago and San Francisco.

In 1988 Pete received an Emmy Award while working for NBC Sports covering the World Series. In addition, while with CBS Sports in 1990 and 1991,  he and his team were awarded an Emmy for Technical Operations during the World Series. His talents expanded with logging the necessary hours in obtaining the skills in the art of camera coverage.

Pete D'Alonzo has a professional background that uniquely qualifies him to present you with an entertaining and engaging sports talk show. Pete is an award winning freelance television technician with a 30+ year career in LIVE network sports TV.

His educational background includes a B.A. degree in Liberal Arts at Widener University and graduate work in Film/Journalism at San Francisco State University.

About Pete D'Alonzo

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Pete D'Alonzo